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Practice Areas & Services Offered

HMC works on both local projects and nation-wide programs while providing a small company feel and level of service. The firm also maintains a network of several strategic relationships that allow it to implement and oversee nation-wide projects, yet stay independent so as to provide clients with unbiased, reliable reviews of environmental programs and related management activities.

The primary services provided by HMC are organized into four main practice areas as presented below. Additional information specific to practice areas and services can be obtained by downloading the HMC Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) from this site or by contacting our corporate office.

Service Offerings

Environmental Strategies Development
In many situations, a client finds itself forced to deal with an environmental issue as part of facility operations or a real estate transaction. Most often, the environmental issue is tangential to the main purpose or objective of the company. Solving the issue in as short an amount of time as possible and in the most cost efficient manner is critical. When a variety of vested interests are involved in such a situation, it can be extremely helpful to have an outside environmental risk management expert evaluate the overall strategy developed to deal with the issue at hand.

Many times people take the position that when an environmental problem arises, they no longer have control or can no longer influence the decision. This could not be further from the truth. It is in those situations that an evaluation of all available options should be considered to make an informed and well thought out decision. As experts in cost-effective management strategies, HMC has the background and experience to help frame the problem, chart out the available options, work with the various stakeholders to evaluate the pro's and cons, and help the client arrive at the right answer.

Within the Environmental Strategies Development practice area, HMC provides the following services:

• Environmental Business Plan Development
• Design of Due Diligence Approach and Models
• Risk Allocation and Management

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Environmental Project Management
The need to trim overhead in line with operating revenues has forced companies to reduce the size of their environmental departments. In other cases, an environmental department may have never existed. This is especially true for smaller companies that rarely deal with environmental issues or committees of responsible parties such as at a Superfund site.

Retaining senior level expertise on a contract basis to manage environmental issues can be a cost-effective approach that helps meet the immediate needs of a project without committing to a company's long term overhead. HMC frequently operates as an out-sourced environmental department available to provide the sophistication found within the largest, most savvy of companies to smaller firms or operating committees.

Within the Environmental Project Management practice area, HMC provides the following services:

• Remedial Project Management
• Due Diligence Management
• Tenant Audit Reviews

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Third Party Peer Review

In a somewhat related nature to environmental project management, many companies find that they need to retain specialized expertise to perform third party reviews for the environmental work they are involved with. This can range from merely providing a measure of quality assurance on a project to helping meet a fiduciary responsibility to an investor or other party.

Members of HMC have served in the role of third party reviewer on numerous occasions and have the requisite experience and analytical skills required to review reports for their technical merits and internal consistency while evaluating the issues presented and judging their relative importance. Many times inexperienced reviewers lose sight of the real issues or have difficulty in discerning significant issues from trivial matters. The result more often than not is overly conservative reviews which resemble crying wolf: when the real issues are mentioned, the response may be lacking. It is crucial to retain a peer reviewer who can highlight the issues yet frame them in the proper business context so that what results is a good decision instead of a dispute among consultants. The members of Hazard Management Consulting, Inc. have a demonstrated track record of accomplishing that goal.

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