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Case Studies & Recent Project Experience

Presented below are abstracts of current HMC projects. Descriptions of these and other HMC projects are presented in greater detail in the firm's Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) which can be downloaded from this web site. You may also wish to contact HMC directly to discuss the firm's areas of expertise and experience with regard to a particular environmental issue your organization is facing.

Project:     Superfund Site Remediation
Location:   Los Angeles, California
Status:      1995 to Present

HMC was retained to serve as a remedial project manager for a real estate fund that owned a 20-acre parcel of land in Los Angeles within the Pollock Operable unit of the San Fernando Valley Superfund Site.

The site had been used for many years in a variety of manufacturing pursuits. During a potential sale of the site, chlorinated solvents were discovered in soil and groundwater. In response to this discovery, an investigation was conducted and solvent impacts to the groundwater were found to be fairly widespread across the site.

HMC was retained to manage the overall response actions which include the development and implementation of a site remediation system including multiple soil and groundwater technologies. So as to enable potential litigation to move forward, HMC oversaw the search of potentially responsible parties via a specialized forensic investigation firm.

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Project:      Remedial Project Management
Location:   Huntington Beach, California
Status:       1996 to Present

HMC served as the remedial project manager for a 100 acre, multi parcel redevelopment project located in a former oil field. HMC was initially retained by the client during acquisition negotiations to aid in evaluating the overall costs associated with remediation efforts. After property acquisition, HMC served as remediation manager overseeing site cleanup. We have worked jointly with the developer to supervise all phases of remediation work on a 16-acre shopping center overlying remediated portions of the oil field.

HMC also managed oil well abandonments and with the seller and developer to install, operate, and successfully complete an in site vapor extraction system on both the new shopping center and residential areas.

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Project:      Soil and Groundwater Remediation
Location:   Lynwood, California
Status:       1997 to Present

HMC currently serves as the remedial project manager for a site that is an active shopping center. During efforts to sell the site, it was discovered that extensive soil and groundwater contamination was present at the site from current and historical uses. These uses included former machine shops and other metal finishing activities, former gasoline stations, a current dry cleaner and off site gas stations. Elevated concentrations of chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons were reported in soil and groundwater. The impacted groundwater extends to an on-site city-owned a municipal drinking water well.

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Project:      Due Diligence Investigation, Remedial Project Management
Location:   Compton, California
Status:       1995 to Present

During a recent refinancing review of a developed parcel of land in Compton California, HMC oversaw a two-phase due diligence investigation at the site, which revealed the presence of an estimated 30,000 cubic yards of soil containing petroleum products. HMC has been retained to serve as a remedial project manager during the subsequent investigation and remediation efforts. At the present time, HMC has developed the strategy to remediable the site including a scope of work. After consultation with the owner, HMC presented that scope to the lead agency. In addition, a request for proposal was developed, bids solicited, and a contractor retained to design the remedial system. HMC is providing the management oversight of the consultant, serves as the primary contact for the agency, manages all aspects of the project including budget and expenditures and serves as the coordinator for the various parties. Remedial Costs are estimated at $350,000.

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Project:       Remedial Oversight of Aerospace Plant Cleanup
Location:   Los Angeles, California
Status:       1995 to Present

A real estate developer acquired a site that was formerly operated as an aerospace plant on approximately 40 acres of land. An in depth investigation program of both soil and groundwater led to the discovery of numerous areas where releases of hazardous substances had impacted soil and groundwater. The aerospace company is responsible for the remediation and HMC has been serving as an oversight consultant, monitoring the work of the remediation contractor and advising the owner as to developments and potential impacts. It is expected that remediation will continue for at least the next ten years to remediate the impacted groundwater. Total response costs are expected to exceed $20,000,000.

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Project:      Environmental Risk Assessment, 1,000-acre Oil Field Site
Location:   Brea, California
Status:       2002-Present

HMC was retained to assist a residential real estate developer evaluate and negotiate to purchase an approximately 1,000 acre tract of land the site of which is a current oil field. HMC evaluated the potential risks of development within the oil field and developed a program to abandon and/or adjust oil wells, mitigate the presence of oily soil and other oil field related wastes and integrate that remediation within the overall development context. HMC is currently the remedial manager for the owner of the site as it prepares for remediation and redevelopment.

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Project:       Commercial / Industrial Tenant Audit Program
Location:   Various Facilities, Southwest United States
Status:       1996-present

HMC has developed and managed a tenant audit program for several of its real estate clients to track and monitor the activities of industrial tenants within its properties This includes developing a procedure to review potential new tenants being considered, auditing existing tenants, and following up on concerns noted during the audits as they are conducted.

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